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Security and Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lots need lighting throughout the night to provide safety for visitors and security against crime. Security and parking lot lights go hand in hand to create a safe public outdoor area outside a commercial building. At TriStar Electric, we have the knowledge and experience to help you find the best lights for your parking lot and install them as only professional electricians can. If you have any questions about which lights to install or about TriStar Electric services, feel free to reach out to us!

TriStar’s Security and Parking Lot Lighting Services

TriStar Electric offers security and parking lot lighting installation and LED upgrade services. Whether you need new commercial outdoor lights or an LED retrofit for your parking lot and property, we can put our decades of experience to work and help your business save money and stay safe and well-lit year-round.

Security and Parking Lot Lighting Types

You have numerous choices of parking lot lights to install, with your final decisions dependent on your unique property needs:

  • Pole Lights: Pole lights are the parking lot lights stationed across parking lots at strategic points for even, full lighting coverage. They also light up streets and highways.
  • Flood Lights: Flood lights illuminate specific areas with lighting seemingly as bright as daylight. They can be the same as pole lights but are also useful as stadium lights and flag lights.
  • Wall Pack Lights: Wall pack lights jut from a building’s exterior walls to illuminate building entrances and perimeters.
  • Parking Lot Lights: Also known as LED shoebox lights, parking lot lights are a type of all-purpose outdoor area light that businesses use worldwide.
  • Motion-Detecting Lights: Motion-detecting lights are an energy and cost-saving option that work well for parking lots that can function even when the lights are not active.

Considerations for Choosing Security and Parking Lot Lighting

Security lighting and parking lot lighting design involve multiple factors to provide safety and light uniformity on lots and other public outdoor areas. Considerations to make when choosing the best lighting for your premises include the following:

  • Wattage
  • Brightness (Lumens)
  • Color Temperature
  • Mounting Height
  • Spacing
  • Installation Type
  • Motion Detection

At TriStar Electric, we can inform and advise you on the different elements of proper security and parking lot lighting and answer any questions you may have.

Why LED Security and Parking Lot Lighting?

LED lighting might come at a higher price than other forms of parking lot lighting, but the savings you will get from them are phenomenal. LED lights provide the following benefits:

  • Low Cost: They come in a lower wattage than traditional parking lot lights, which gives you significant savings.
  • Low Maintenance: They last much longer than other outdoor lights, so property management teams will need to change out light bulbs less frequently. Their rugged design will also keep them in great shape.
  • Great Quality: LED lights usually have a higher number of lumens than other kinds. They produce bright lighting and come in different color temperatures.

Contact TriStar Electric for Security and Parking Lot Lighting Services!

Does your business reside in Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery, or Prince George’s County? TriStar Electric can be of service to you in these areas and Washington, D.C. Among our wide range of electrical services, our security and parking lot lighting services will keep your parking lot safe at night through proper, efficient illumination. If you are ready to seek out security and parking lot lighting services, or if you have any questions, contact TriStar Electric!

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