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Modular Furniture Wiring

Modular office furniture is popular in commercial office spaces for its versatility and uniformity. You can transform the pieces into multiple configurations according to your office’s needs and preferences and still maintain a seamless look that matches your brand. Should you need to downsize, upsize, or create a different setup, modular furniture makes it easy.

Your building’s electrical system must work in tandem with the office’s modular furniture arrangement to provide adequate electricity to each outlet, no matter how many people use power. That’s where TriStar Electric can help with modular furniture wiring for commercial offices. Contact TriStar Electric today if you are looking for commercial office wiring services in Maryland.

TriStar Electric’s Modular Furniture Wiring Services

TriStar Electric has decades of experience and skill in commercial wiring services, especially in warehouses and commercial office buildings. We perform modular furniture wiring installations, from the complete installation of a new office electrical system to the addition of circuits.
Examples of this type of work would be characterized by the following tasks:

  • Running a circuit into modular furniture spaces, such as desks and cubicles
  • Running several circuits, so everyone has plenty of outlets for their electrical needs
  • Running circuits from the electrical panel through the ceiling or floor and feeding them into the furniture spaces

This kind of electrical work is hardwired for permanent installation to meet the greatest expected electrical needs for the office. To clarify, we do not install the cubicles themselves, but the wiring for cubicles and other modular office furniture. However, the commercial electrician must work closely with the office furniture project manager to create the most efficient design. If you are ready to reach out, don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Real-Life Impact of Modular Furniture Wiring

Modular office furniture has multiple benefits for corporate buildings, but the impacts of the electrical work behind them can be significant, whether their design and installation are proper or not. Improper wiring could lead to constant shortages every time one-too-many people turn on their computers. It could mean delays, lost data, and lost productivity. Of course, there is the risk of fire if the electronics and the provided voltage do not match.

A skilled commercial electrician can keep any of these problems from happening by working with the building’s existing electrical system and the modular office furniture project manager. TriStar Electric will install circuits that provide the correct voltage and amperage (usually 20 amps or 15 amps) for each receptacle. Coworkers can plug their devices into the furniture’s outlets without concern, and your business can operate at full capacity.

Contact TriStar Electric for Modular Furniture Wiring Services!

TriStar Electric is a residential and commercial electrical company in Maryland, specifically serving Anne Arundel, Prince George’s, Howard, Montgomery, and Baltimore counties, as well as Washington, D.C. We are licensed, insured, and have strong partnerships with quality material providers. Other commercial office electrical services we offer include commercial LED lighting, emergency lighting, and commercial HVAC and heater wiring. Contact TriStar Electric for modular office furniture wiring and more!

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