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LED Warehouse Lighting Installations

Are you ready to upgrade your existing warehouse lighting to efficient LED lighting? Do you need to extend lighting in your warehouse or install lighting in a new construction warehouse? TriStar Electric has decades of experience in warehouse lighting installations and is happy to provide you with the high-quality LED warehouse lighting installations you desire.

The Problem with Older Styles of Warehouse Lighting

Warehouses and other commercial buildings have used older-style lighting for many years, but today, electrical professionals and business owners are more aware of their deficiencies than ever. Popular lighting types of the past include compact fluorescent (CFL), incandescent, HID, mercury vapor, and halogen lights.

These lights can produce lead discharge or UV radiation if the light bulb breaks. They also emit much more heat, which means they waste a lot of energy. Depending on the type, these light bulbs can only last between 750 to 24,000 hours. How do they compare with LED lights?

The Booming Popularity of LED Lighting

LED is short for “light emitting diode.” Electricity passes through a semiconducting microchip, lighting up tiny holes in the device. A heat sink soaks in the heat produced by the process and discharges the heat into the atmosphere.

Different LED light manufacturers will advertise different lifespan expectancies, ranging between 10,000 and 50,000 hours, which comes to nearly a decade of around-the-clock use. It is possible for electrical overloading, manufacturing defects, and overheating to shorten LED light bulbs’ lifespan. However, when your LED lights are correctly installed and maintained, they far outlast all other lighting types.

Every year, more businesses are upgrading to LED lighting and installing LED fixtures in new construction buildings. Businesses decide to upgrade to LED lights when they realize the primary benefits:

  • LED lights have an incredibly long lifespan
  • LED lights are much safer because the bulbs produce almost no heat
  • The light produced is much brighter and more consistent than natural light or traditional light bulbs
  • The lights are also environmentally safer because of their low energy consumption
  • You have a chance to save money on utility expenses and light replacements

LED warehouse lighting is far and away the most practical and energy-efficient option on the market.

LED Warehouse Lighting Installation Applications

Indoor Warehouse Lighting

Where can you implement these cost-saving lights in your warehouse? LED warehouse lighting installations can apply to overhead lighting that provides safe visibility during operational hours. When installing LED lights for warehouses, the optimal color temperature is between 5000-6000K, which produces a crisp and clear white light that keeps employees alert and all equipment visible.

In a hazardous work environment, safety is a priority. LED lights do not emit toxic fumes or radiation if broken and put out virtually no heat. TriStar Electric can also install LED motion-detecting lights, which limit energy use by turning on automatically when people are detected in areas such as hallways, stairwells, and restrooms. When those spaces are empty, the motion sensor lights shut off.

Outdoor Warehouse Lighting

Outside of the warehouse, security lighting is necessary to provide illumination for outdoor traffic areas. Outside of the building, wall pack lights offer illumination of walkways, exterior entrances, and warehouse garage doors. When using LED lights, you won’t have to worry about the expense of leaving your security lights on through the night.

Emergency Lighting

Exit and emergency lights provide clear pathways to safety should the power go out at a warehouse. At TriStar Electric, our professionals can install safe, energy-efficient LED emergency and exit lights in key locations. If the power goes out, these lights will switch on and allow occupants to travel safely and quickly out of the building.

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TriStar Electric offers LED warehouse lighting installations in Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Montgomery, Howard, and Prince George’s counties in Maryland. If your warehouse is in Washington, D.C., we can service your premises too! Contact TriStar Electric today with any questions you have.

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