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Commercial Electrical Services

TriStar Electric provides a broad range of commercial electrical services in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and the surrounding areas. You can also find our commercial electrical services in Anne Arundel, Prince George’s, Montgomery, and Howard counties. While we offer electrical services to all kinds of commercial spaces – from restaurants to auto repair shops – we specialize in electrical services for office buildings and warehouses. Contact TriStar Electric for your electrical needs!

TriStar Electric’s Commercial Electrical Services

Office and Warehouse Electrical Services

TriStar Electric offers commercial electrical services for virtually any commercial business, including healthcare. As a licensed and insured company, you can trust our journeymen and master electricians to care for your project. Office buildings and warehouses can call on us for electrical work concerning the following:

  • Lighting
  • Modular Furniture Wiring
  • Equipment Wiring
  • Time Clocks
  • Office Circuits
  • Exit Signs
  • Generators
  • Emergency & Backup Lighting (EBU)
  • Occupancy Sensor Lights
  • Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Lighting
  • Temporary Power Systems for Temporary Office or Construction Trailers

Circuit Services

Circuits are necessary to connect all electrical appliances, like lights and equipment, to an electrical source. Every appliance connects to an electrical wire which leads to the nearest electrical panel and power source. However, these circuits need to carry the correct voltage and current to allow electronics to operate safely. TriStar Electric can perform any wiring service you need for your commercial facility.

Commercial Lighting Electrical Services

Commercial lighting includes more than just overhead lighting; TriStar services offers warehouse and office lighting, along with emergency backup lighting, security lighting, and parking lot lighting. We can replace, install, relocate, or repair the lights on your property. We service both outdoor and interior commercial lights.

LED Upgrade Services

LED lights have significant advantages over other, older types of commercial lighting. LED lights are the default for new construction lighting due to their appealing longevity, low cost, and brightness. We can upgrade your commercial lights to LED to boost your efficiency.

We can also install LED wall pack lights. These lights are installed on your exterior warehouse walls and provide visibility for outdoor workspaces. Because LED lights produce minimal heat and last for many hours, you can leave these wall packs on through the night without creating a safety risk.

Submeter Services

Electrical submeters track energy consumption for buildings, individual appliances, and other loads. They give detailed information about how much energy each load takes, which directly translates to the cost of electricity. Submeters allow properties to manage their electrical use better for the most energy efficiency and savings. TriStar Electric can install, replace, repair, and maintain your electrical submeters. We also work with E-Mon D-Mon submeters.

Pump and Motor Wiring Services

Do you need electrical water pump services or motor wiring services? We can perform electrical circuit and wiring services for these applications as well. Whether it is the motor for your warehouse’s garage door or your electric water pump, we can diagnose any issues and safely provide solutions according to your needs.

Commercial HVAC Electrical Services

Commercial buildings such as office buildings and warehouses have rooftop HVAC systems that only certain electrical companies like TriStar Electric specialize in servicing. HVAC systems run at least partially on electricity; we install and service the wiring that goes into making it run. In addition, we perform electrical work for VFDs, chillers, and mini-splits, connecting them to the main power supply.

Contact TriStar Electric for Commercial Electrical Services!

TriStar Electric performs commercial electrical services in Maryland, including the counties of Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Montgomery, Howard, and Prince George’s. Whether you need electrical work in your office building, warehouse, or other commercial building, you can count on TriStar Electric to perform a brilliant job.

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