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What it Means to be BBB Accredited

TriStar Electric is proud to be a BBB Accredited business, and for good reason. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) has firm and valuable standards for accredited businesses. A business must meet these standards to be accredited, which customers and clients recognize as the symbol of a trustworthy, quality company.Maryland Electrician

So how did TriStar Electric come to be BBB accredited? Let’s take a look at the standards a business has to meet to become, and remain, accredited.

Steps to becoming BBB accredited

In order to become BBB accredited, a business must achieve AND maintain the following, as listed here by the BBB council website:

  • “Build Trust” with our customers by being reliable, trustworthy, and honest.
  • “Advertise Honestly” according to the established standards.
  • “Tell The Truth” about our services, products, and terms.
  • “Be Transparent” in our business practices, guarantees, policies, and anything that many influence a customer to choose our business.
  • “Honor Promises” in all written and verbal agreements.
  • “Be Responsive” to issues and disputes in a professional manner with good faith.
  • “Safeguard Privacy” by protecting all data against fraud and mishandling, and by respecting customer preferences and personal information.
  • “Embody Integrity” with all deals, transactions, and commitments.

Through our continued effort and success in upholding these standards, we’re able to show the value of our business by displaying BBB accreditation.

How does accreditation officially happen?

The business in question must apply to the BBB and pay a fee in order to be considered for accreditation. This fee includes continued monitoring to ensure the standards are being continuously upheld. Because the BBB reviews and monitors all of its accredited businesses, people know they can trust those businesses that are BBB accredited, like TriStar Electric. This gives potential customers the advantage of knowing which businesses uphold important values in their business practices, so they know they are in good hands.

TriStar Electric upholds its BBB accredited values.

You’ll find when working with us, our commitment to the BBB values is evident in the quality services we provide our customers. For us, being BBB accredited means to give our customers peace-of-mind and assure them they are receiving the best service in the industry.

No matter the job, big or small, the professionals at TriStar Electric will be happy to discuss your project and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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