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What Does the Yellow Light on My Generator Mean?

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Don’t let the yellow light scare you!

The bright yellow light on your generator is a friendly reminder that you need to have the unit maintained. Your generator has a series of common error codes and light signals that you’ll see whenever there is an issue with the machine. Follow these tips on how to maintain your generator and give TriStar Electric a call when you need assistance.

How to Clear the Yellow Light

If you own a newer generator then the process for clearing the yellow light on your generator should be a simple one. First, turn the machine off. Hit “enter” twice slowly, and then switch the machine back to auto. You should expect to see the yellow light blinking at least once or twice a year.

While the yellow light may be a gentle reminder, the red light on your generator indicates that a repair is needed and that the generator isn’t working. If the red light is on, give TriStar a call.

Common Error Codes to Expect

Be on the lookout for these common error codes that occur on your machine. If the codes persist, please call TriStar for assistance.

Low Oil: Add oil (Mobil 1 5w30 synthetic) slowly until dipstick reads close to full. Do not overfill.

OVERCRANK: If running on propane make sure you have at least 30% in tank, perform computer reset.

OVER SPEED: Perform computer reset.

UNDER SPEED: Perform computer reset.

UNDERVOLTAGE: Perform computer reset

When Should I Check my Generator?

With the TriStar Maintenance Agreement, you can leave it up to us to make sure that your unit is running effectively. When TriStar is away, you can ensure the effectiveness of your unit by checking it periodically including before a big storm. If you know that a storm is about to hit, make sure your generator’s green status indicator light on the generator is on or the display in the generator says “ready to run”.

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