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Prepare Your Electrical System For The Upcoming Winter Months

As we move into December, the temperatures will continue to drop over the next few months. Cold temperatures, ice, snow, and freezing rain can damage your home’s electrical system. If you need ideas to protect your electric system this season, you have come to the right place. Here are our top options for protecting your electrical system this winter.

tristar electric electrical system

Make sure your home electrical system is ready for the winter.

Be Prepared For Power Outages 

Downed power lines and other severe weather might result in power outages. Even if your home’s electrical system is prepared for winter, you should keep a basic outage kit with flashlights and additional batteries. If a power outage occurs during the winter, you want to have the materials you’ll need to be warm and secure until the electricity is restored. That is why it is also practical to invest in a generator for your home if it loses power for some time.

Know The Capabilities Of Your Electrical System

During winter, many families hang Christmas lighting around their homes. However, these lights draw significant power. If you have doubts about whether your electrical system can handle holiday lighting, we suggest consulting the licensed electricians at Tristar Electric. We can help you determine whether your display is well-suited for your electrical system or what you can do to make it safe.

Restrict The Usage Of Space Heaters

It is crucial to consider the electrical supply limitations in each room if you use a space heater. A typical space heater can use a sizable amount of power supply. It is not recommended for people to use more than one space heater on a single circuit or to leave one on in an empty room. Using space heaters excessively or improperly, you risk overloading your home’s electrical system, which can lead to fires, high electricity costs, and overloaded circuits.

Label Your Circuit Breaker

By correctly labeling circuit breaker labels, you can alleviate any unanticipated electrical issues that might emerge. These labels make it easier for you to identify the potential root of the problem and take prompt corrective action. Labeling is essential if your breaker box is outside because nights make it even harder to find your way around an electrical panel labeled incorrectly.

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