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There’s Still Time! Service your Electric Heating System this Fall

Perhaps you’re thinking, “my electric heating system doesn’t need to be serviced.” That’s a potentially expensive risk to be taking. But don’t worry, if you’re having doubts in your heating system, there’s still time to act! Fall is the perfect time to service your electric heating system before winter, which doesn’t officially begin until December 22nd, by the way.

electric heating system maryland

Stop putting off your heating system service, and schedule it now before the first snowstorm. It’s not supposed to be a mild winter for Maryland this year, so you definitely want to make sure your heating system is in good working order for the first blizzard!

Why Service my Electric Heating System in the Fall?

First of all, there’s the obvious benefit of your heating system not breaking down in the middle of a cold, icy snowstorm. If you have your electric heating system serviced before winter, you won’t have to worry about layering up and keeping warm during a system failure in the dead of winter. But if that weren’t enough, there’s always savings in the electricity bill! Heat is costly, and if your heating system isn’t running at maximum efficiency, it’s going to drive your electric bill up and up. As if it weren’t steep enough, already.

Not to mention, if you wait until your electric heating system breaks to have it serviced or repaired, you could be waiting in quite a long line—the line everyone else who waited is in. When temperatures drop into icy territory, you don’t want to be told your system can’t be looked at for a week, or maybe even two.

That’s why you want to schedule your electric heating system service now. Short wait, lower energy bills, plus the added security of knowing you won’t be stuck with a broken heating system in a snowstorm. Call us to schedule your heating system service today!

TriStar Electric Specializes in Electric Heating Systems in Maryland

TriStar Electric installs, services, and maintains the following electric heating equipment:

  • Electric Baseboard
  • Forced air electric heaters for garages
  • Wall or ceiling mount forced air heaters for halls or bathrooms
  • Forced Air Electric
  • Electric Heated Tile Floors or mats – please note these can be configured to any existing floor design.

It is crucial that this electrical work be performed by professionals to reduce the possibility of fire.

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