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There’s No Such Thing as A Small Job

Panel Box Upgrades in Maryland

Even the smallest project needs complete attention and care.

Labor Day is approaching, and it’s time to finish that summer maintenance checklist. Whether you’re finishing the remodeling on a new house or simply covering up a few cracks in your current home, TriStar Electric is here to help you make sure the job is done right. Our professionals meet new people every day. Every day is a new project in a new home that is particular and unique to the homeowner. We have seen it all – and we can tell you that no project is too small. Sometimes you may write off a project as being a simple fix, and this turns into bigger problems down the road.

Our friendly staff is here to help you complete any project with the same care as we take towards bigger or seemingly more difficult projects. As the summer comes to a close, we ask every homeowner to be on the lookout for issues that could be a potential risk for your home.

An Electrical Fix

Circuit breakers tend to trip when they become old and overused. When this happens, give us a call. You most likely need a professional to examine your electric panel. When it comes to electricity, safety is the largest concern. Even with the main breaker turned off, electrical power is still circulating through the panel. Homeowners of older houses should practice extra caution, as their electrical units may be outdated.
When touching an appliance, do you a feel shock or tingle? This could be a ground fault in the appliance or even improper electrical wiring. Now there is always the possibility that you’re rubbing your socks on that fluffy white carpet prior to feeling a shock so be sure to notice when it’s cause for concern or just a bit of static.
Do you notice a burning odor coming from outlets? This is cause for immediate attention. This smell is indicative of an electrical fire and you should contact a professional upon first notice.

New Additions

Maybe your house is new and you need a few final additions to call it home. Do you need to add some more lighting? Do you have a television that requires an additional outlet to be installed? As technologies become more advanced, the installation process becomes more complicated. It is also important to remember that plugging too many electronics in can potentially overload your system. Call us to make sure you are up to date to avoid serious problems and costly repairs. Our professionals will ensure that you’re optimizing the technology available to you and that your installations are safe and appealing.
There are plenty of DIY websites that give helpful tools on how to perform most electrical projects. However, many homeowners have children or busy schedules that keep them from investing the time into a new project. Our staff can install fixtures or perform the service for you and can ensure that it’s being done in an efficient and safe manner. You won’t have to worry about when you’ll find the time and how you will do it yourself if you hire a trusted professional – TriStarElectric!
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