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It’s Vacation Time! Protect Your Home With Safety Awareness Before You Leave


Prepare your home for your absence this summer with these safety tips.

With the dog days quickly approaching many of you are fleeing the sweltering, suffocating humidity for those cool, salt-sprayed breezes. While vacationing is a great way to make lasting memories with the family, being gone for an extended period of time has its risks. You should make arrangements with a neighbor or friend to look after your home while you’re gone. Out of the 2,000,000 home theft cases reported in the United States, the highest percentage occur during June, July, and August. It is crucial to protect your things while you’re away. Burglars will take advantage of your absence. In this week’s blog, we’ll give you a safety awareness checklist of preparative measures you need to take before leaving to ensure your home’s safety.

Summer Safety Awareness Is Important!


  1. Making Necessary Electrical Precautions- Make sure you unplug small appliances and electrical equipment. This will save you money on that electrical bill while you’re gone and prevent electrical fires.
  2. Hiring A House Sitter– Do you have a good relationship with your neighbor? Or maybe you’ve got a close friend who lives nearby? Whatever your case, it’s important to hire someone you trust to look over your home. A constant watchful eye will deter burglars, especially if they’re staying while you’re gone. If it looks like someone’s home, an intruder is less likely to attack.
  3. Make Your Home Appear Lived-In– Leaving on outdoor lighting, or lighting a specific room with a timer is proven to deter burglars. Making your home appear occupied is a great way to keep potential theft from occurring.
  4. Lock The Doors– Lock all doors, windows, garage entrances etc. Don’t make it easy for someone who’s trying to get in and out of your home as quickly as possible by leaving your doors unlocked. Making theft extremely difficult will have your potential burglar thinking twice.
  5. Don’t Let Mail Pile Up– Mail that piles up in your mailbox is not good.  Such an obvious indicator that you’re not home will target you! Talk to your mail carrier about stopping the mail for the period of time you’ll be away and keep your precious belongings safe.


TriStar Electric Urges You To Be Safe This Summer!

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