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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint this Summer With an Electric Vehicle


Electric vehicles are the new face of energy efficiency!

With the shift toward environmental consciousness, it’s no wonder we’re starting to manufacture energy efficient vehicles. The focus on preserving our planet is a worthwhile cause! These new roadsters are just as powerful as their gas-powered counterparts, and actually more cost efficient. In this week’s blog we’ll explore what electric vehicles are, how they work, and the tools you’ll need to incorporate them into your lifestyle. Let’s get charged up, shall we?

Electric Vehicles and Their Chargers

In order to run on batteries, electric vehicles need to be charged. This is basically the equivalent of filling up at the gas station before you go home, except you won’t have to make an annoying trip to the closest pump. The vehicle’s charger is installed by a trusted electrician in your garage. You’ll simply need to plug it in each night, as you would your cell phone, and rest easy. No more worrying about running out of gas on the highway, or staying aware of your mileage. You will need to buy your own charging port, however, the money you’ll be saving from not having to fill up your tank every week will save you some serious dough in the long run.

How do Electric Vehicles Work?

Electric vehicles are propelled by 1 to 2 electric motors powered by rechargeable battery packs. These suckers are extremely energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and quiet. Converting 59-62% of electrical energy to horse-powered forward momentum, these cars have gas conversion beat. Traditional vehicles convert 17-21% of gasoline energy to raw motion. So, essentially, you’re going to need to fill up a lot more than you’ll have to recharge. Not only are they more efficient than their gas-powered cousins, but they don’t cause as much pollution. With no exhaust emitted from tailpipes or harmful emissions, you can drive around knowing your carbon footprint is significantly lower. Electric vehicles are silky smooth on the road. This is because the fact that they run on batteries keeps the noise level down. With no loud, rumbling, gas-powered engine, these babies are at the frontier of peaceful driving.

The Benefits of Going Green

Using a mixture of energy from natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydro, wind geothermal, and solar energy plants, EVs emit half the ozone-depleting, climate-changing carbon pollutants per mile that traditional cars do. Additionally because coal plants are slowly phasing out and being replaced by renewable energy sources, as they age, electric vehicles are only going to become cleaner.

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