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The Potential Causes of a Surging Generator

TriStar Electric surging generator

If you are experiencing a surging generator, consult an expert at TriStar Electric.

TriStar Electric always recommends that property owners keep a generator. Whether you plan to use it for general use or only for emergencies, generators guarantee that you always have access to the essential power you need. But what if your generator isn’t quite up to the task? This could leave you with no means to perform everyday functions and powerless in the face of catastrophic storms. One of the critical issues generator owners may face is power surges. If you have a surging generator, several potential causes are behind this malfunction. To avoid long-lasting generator damage, discover what may cause a surging generator and how you can fix it. 

What Is Surging? 

First, it’s important to know what the term surging means. Surging refers to a generator or another device displaying noticeable behavior fluctuations at intervals. These intervals can follow a pattern or be random. For example, a surging generator will often leave lights burning brighter, then dimmer, causing a flicker back and forth. 

What Causes Generator Surges? 

There are various causes behind your surging generator. They can be: 

  • Incorrect fuel use, fuel levels, or fuel quality in gas/oil generators. Your generator was designed to use specific fuel sources, and using anything else can cause significant operational problems. 
  • Failing capacitor or other components. A failing, aging, or damaged capacitor can create wild fluctuations in power supply and distribution. 
  • Poor generator maintenance. Like any other electrical or mechanical device, your generator needs regular maintenance. Maintenance twice a year ensures that no generator parts start to rust, settle, or fall into disrepair from lack of use. 
  • Age. Generators are built to last a long time, but nothing lasts forever. If your generator is surging and many years old, it may be time to invest in a replacement. 

The experts at TriStar Electric can provide professional maintenance to your generator to keep it operating well and suggest the best new generators for your replacement. 

Call TriStar Electric to Fix Your Surging Generator

If your generator is surging, there is something wrong. The causes may be different, but the solution is always the same. Hire a professional electrician and generator expert to assist in generator repair and maintenance. Fixing your generator today means that you can trust it will work for you when you need it most. 

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