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Memorial Day Plans Aren’t Complete Without Outdoor Lighting

It’s a great time of year for outdoor entertainment! The weather is warming up, and Memorial Day is almost upon us—which means it’s almost time to open pools and enjoy cookouts. But pool volleyball and the smell of hamburgers on the grill isn’t the same without proper outdoor

Pool, deck, walkway and landscape lights are all fundamental to outdoor entertainment. Plus, they make enjoying warm spring and summer nights a lot better! Check out some outdoor lighting ideas for your next get-together.

Pool lights

Opening the pool for the year is an exciting event, but to get the most out of it, homeowners should invest in pool lights. This includes lighting in and around the pool so guests and homeowners can enjoy a relaxing swim even after sunset. Pool lighting also makes walking around pools at night safer, as it is easier to see when it is wet or slippery around the pool.

Deck lights

Deck lighting is great both for visibility and creating atmosphere. Decorative lighting such as string lights and electric lanterns are fun ways to both improve visibility and create an inviting atmosphere. Standard deck lighting is also great for security.

Walkway and landscape lights

It’s nice to know what lays ahead of you in the evening when walking to and from your home. Walkway and landscape lights are an attractive solution to a safe walk around your property after the sun has set. Plus, this allows you to utilize more of your property for get-togethers and events, rather than having to stay inside or on the deck/patio.

Telling stories and cooking hotdogs around a bonfire at night is a fun activity, but the light from a bonfire alone just doesn’t cut it. Investments in outdoor lighting not only improve the value of your home, but also make outdoor entertainment a breeze. Make plans to have your outdoor lighting installed so your deck, yard and pool is ready for Memorial Day festivities and the many to follow!

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