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It’s Storm Season: Make Sure Your Generator Maintenance is Up to Date

The time of year for regular thunderstorms has officially begun. While they are often fun to watch (from the safety of your home, of course!), severe storms often come with power outages. Sometimes, these outages take a while to repair. In the meantime, homeowners are left without power for an indefinite amount of time. generator-maintenance

Those who have a generator benefit from having power when others do not during storms. However, if regular generator maintenance isn’t followed, your generator may not be functioning properly. This is why generator maintenance is so important; so you know your generator is working when you need it most!

What is involved in generator maintenance?

There are several things that should be checked, fixed or replaced when doing generator maintenance. A conclusive list can be found here, but the fundamentals are as follows:

  • Fuel/Lubrication System. The oil filter, level and quality should be checked as well as the fuel lines.
  • Cooling System. Hoses and coolant level should be looked over, as well as proper clearances and enclosure louvers.
  • General Condition. This is the easy part. Is the system running? Are there leaks or unusual noises? Make note of any irregularities.
  • Battery. If there is corrosion, it should be removed. Terminals should also be cleaned and tightened, and the charger should be checked.
  • Engine and Mounting. Air filters, spark plugs, valves, pulleys, belts, linkages, and starters need tested and observed for replacement or repair.
  • Electrical Components. Fuses, controllers, switches, grounding, warning lights and voltages should be inspected.

It is difficult and can be dangerous to check these components alone, which is why we recommend a generator maintenance contract through TriStar Electric.

Generator maintenance contracts from TriStar Electric

We offer comprehensive, thorough generator maintenance service contracts to make sure your generator is in working order whenever you need it. We ensure all components of your generator are in tip-top shape, and the best part is we do all the work for you. Contact us today for more information on our maintenance contracts.

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