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How to Install Mood Lighting Throughout Your Home

tristar electric mood lighting

Install mood lighting throughout your home, including your bathroom.

Mood lighting is when you use lighting to create an atmosphere within a room. It often takes the form of soft lighting and complements task lighting. You can utilize mood lighting to break up and soften the decor while providing light levels fine-tuned to specific tasks. Today, if you’re in the “mood” to learn about mood lighting, read on as we cover how to install mood lighting throughout your home. 

Bathroom Mood Lighting 

A traditional way to change a bathroom’s atmosphere is by lighting candles. However, this solution is temporary. Smart bulbs are a permanent solution that allows you to control the main light bulb via an app on your smartphone. Smart bulbs are an effective way to control the brightness level while also changing the coloring depending on whether you need the motivation to start your day or unwind after a long day. 

The Dining Room and Bedroom 

Lamps on dressers and tables are effective. In some cases, using strip lights (flexible circuit boards populated with small LED bulbs) around clocks, mirrors, and other features is also helpful. A central dimmable light complements these lighting accents. 

The Kitchen 

Under-cabinet lighting is a unique and underutilized lighting effect. In addition, LED downlighting (a light placed to illuminate lighting downward) saves money on energy costs and adds a personalized touch to the kitchen. A breakfast bar is also where you can play around with dim lighting and soften the atmosphere as you enjoy a delicious dish. 

The Living Room

LED strips are also helpful in the living room, as you use an app to control brightness levels and colors. Additionally, smart technology allows you to control light levels via voice activation. The benefit of smart technology, in general, is that you never have to leave the couch to change the atmosphere of the room. 


Surprisingly, many homeowners neglect outdoor lighting, which is a safety issue. We encourage you to care about outdoor lighting to promote safety and enhance visibility. Also, there are many ways to foster creativity. Outdoor smart plugs automate and control pre-existing landscape lighting and positively impact your outdoor gatherings. 

We also encourage you to play around with colors, particularly in the bedroom and outdoors. Bold colors such as red, orange, and yellow can liven up a party outdoors, while calmer colors such as blue and green can aid in tranquility as you prepare to sleep. 

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