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Follow These Instructions To Childproof Your Electric Outlets

Considering the safety of young children and toddlers is critical in preventing injuries and even death. Electric outlets in your home pose a significant risk of harm to children. They are typically in every room of your home, with multiple outlets in several rooms.

Tristar Electric Electrical Outlets

Childproof electric outlets are vital in keeping your children safe.

Many outlets are also low enough to the ground for many young children to come into contact with them. Typically, there are two types of outlets, grounded and ungrounded.

Children are naturally adventurous, often leading to curious behaviors like playing with electric outlets. Follow these simple steps to safeguard your home and prevent young children from tampering with electrical outlets. 

Add Sliding Covers to Electric Outlets

Installing sliding covers is a DIY project and are solid replacements for any electrical outlet. They typically come with an interior cover that shields a socket whenever it is unplugged. This outlet covers electric ports and reduces choking hazards for young children. 

Use Box Outlet Covers as Well

This outlet cover is adequate for household appliances that you should keep plugged in at all times. These covers come in many sizes and protect outlets of all sizes. These are easy to remove and prevent children from entering outlets. 

Try Using Tape As a Temporary Solution

If you cant immediately get some protective cover for your electric outlets, you can use tape. Implementing tape is less than ideal, but it is efficient. You could use this method in the interim as you try to find a perfect solution to covering your outlets. 

Outlet Plugs Are Also Helpful

These are the most recognizable solution in providing childproof options for your electric outlets. They are plugs made of plastic material that you can insert into any outlet in your home. Small children cannot mess with outlets protected by plastic outlet plugs. Keeping note of unplugged outlet plugs is vital as a child can still enter them.

Other Options To Consider

  • TRRs are known as Tamper Resistant Receptacles. In 2008 Congress passed a law that all new homes and remodeled homes should have them installed.
  • These receptacles have spring-like plates that close openings on a particular outlet.
  • For them to open, you have to apply pressure to both sides.                        
  • Locking fit outlet covers and combination switch outlets are two more ideas to cover electrical outlets.
  • Locking fit covers are similar to a regular plastic outlet, but the only difference is that they lock.
  • A combination switch uses a tamper-resistant receptacle and a switch. It can also control the overall power of an outlet. 

You can also install ground fault circuit interrupters, but they don’t keep children from entering outlets. They shut off circuits if an imbalance occurs. Remember that you should use these outlets in rooms with water like your kitchen or bathroom. 

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