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Fall Maintenance Tips to ready your Home for Winter: Lighting Controls

Lighting ControlsThe days are growing shorter. It seems like it is dark when you get up for work and dark when you get home from work, making your outdoor lighting increasingly important this time of year. It illuminates your way as you walk to your car in the morning, still half-asleep as you wait for your coffee to kick in, and your outdoor lighting illuminates your way path as you return home from a long day at the office, guiding you to the front door. But that is just the beginning.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

  1. Safety: As we already mentioned, outdoor lighting helps illuminate your way when the sun is just not around to do the job. But more than that, outdoor lighting can ensure that your home is lit up while you are away, deterring would be burglars.
  2. Curb Appeal: Outdoor lighting, when directed at the proper angles, can help accent various parts of your home and landscape, adding to your home’s curb appeal.
  3. Extended Hours: Outdoor lighting can also help you extend those barbeques and outdoor activities well into the night.

With daylight savings right around the corner (November 3rd), now is the perfect time to have your outdoor lighting professionally maintenance and inspected. This is also a great time to ensure your smoke detectors are in proper working order. Don’t forget to replace the batteries at this time, as well.

But what about indoor lighting?

Indoor Lighting Controls from TriStar Electric

Here at TriStar Electric, we offer many types of lighting controls to meet the needs of every homeowner. Our outdoor lighting control options include:

  1. Wall Timers: Wall timers with back up batteries retain their memory settings even when power goes out.
  2. Occupancy Sensors: Occupancy sensors automatically turn the lights on when you enter a room. Many people find this useful as they enter with their hands full for convenience as well as added feeling of security. This is ideal for areas such as mud rooms, foyers, powder rooms and any area where you wish to have automatic photocells.
  3. Vacancy Sensors: Another type of useful control a vacancy sensor, which once it is turned on will stay on until the room has been vacated. Pretty neat, huh?
  4. Hands Free Radio Frequency Controls: This allows a homeowner to control the lights from the car or with and small handheld device. This device can control switches and outlets anywhere inside of the home and will control multiple switches to create a full pathway inside and outside of the home with one push of a button.

Click Herefor a more in-depth look at our lighting control options.

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