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Fall Maintenance Tips to Ready Your Home for Winter: Checking Your Fans and Vents

Fall Maintenance

Now that Daylight Saving’s Time is past, fall is beginning to feel even more real. The trees are at their most beautiful right now and the temperatures are starting to drop. Now is the time to perform some maintenance on some of the fans in your home to make sure that they’re ready to handle the cold outside and the heat inside. What types of fans should you be checking and what should you be looking for to maintain them all properly? Check out our checklist below to prepare your fans for winter!

  • Attic fans – While attic fans don’t require annual maintenance, you should still check them now, in the fall, before the next warm season to make sure that the motors are still working properly. Fire hazards are also a good thing to check for with attic fans. Sometimes birds can build nests around them or animals can get stuck in them.
  • Bath fans – If you have an exhaust fan or heater in your bathroom, it is highly recommended that you have Tristar Electric install a wall timer for automatic shutoff. If exhaust fans are left on for too long and overheat they can melt or even catch fire. If a bath fan is left on while you’re not home, this can be catastrophic. You can also save energy by turning them off when you’re finished with them!
  • Dryer vents – Now is a great time to change your dryer vent pipe and make sure you’re consistently clearing out your lint trap. These two things are some of the biggest causes of fires with dryers. Every single time you do a load of laundry, you should be checking your lint trap. Vents also need to be checked on a regular basis to make sure they are clear of debris.

Since the season is changing, it is a great time to check all of your vents and filters to make sure nothing is clogged or could easily catch fire. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, after all.

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