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Electrical Upgrades Recommended During a Home Remodel


Your home can benefit from a few electrical upgrades during its next remodel.

If you plan to remodel your home, you should also consider getting electrical upgrades for the renovated space. If you need to apply electrical upgrades to your entire remodeled home, this can include updating the electric panel, grounding, bonding system, meter base, entrance cable, and more. This is not a DIY job, so you must reach out to your electrician at TriStar Electric to ensure safe and accurate installation. If your home was initially built over 35 years ago, your home might require electrical upgrades. The following updates are the most essential for any remodeled home. 

Rewriting and Rerouting

When you renovate your home, you may expand an individual room and change where things should go. For instance, you may turn your traditional kitchen into an open-plan kitchen. Whatever design you choose, the current electrical system in your home may not be able to accommodate the changes you make. To avoid calling in an electrician after the remodel, bring in an electrician during the remodeling process to rewire or reroute where necessary. 

Lighting Features

Selecting exciting new lighting fixtures can be a significant part of remodeling. While you should consider the fixtures you choose, you must also remember the light switches that control these lights. 

You can select from remote-controlled lighting, dimmers, multi-locations, different sizes, sliders, 4-way and 3-way switches. The options are numerous, so you must choose a light switch that works best for you and your remodeling design.

Panel Upgrades

When you make electrical upgrades, you must also upgrade your electric panel. Older technology did not need as much power as modern technology does. An electric panel upgrade may be necessary if you are updating your home with new features, appliances, and more. Each room in your house consumes different amounts of energy, so you must be sure that your system can handle it safely. 

Smart Home Features

When remodeling, you may want to add a couple of smart home features to make life a little bit easier. Smart home features can include remote-controlled blinds or drapes, smart smoke alarms, smart refrigerators, remote-controlled lights, video surveillance, remote-controlled cooling and heating, and much more. An electrician should install these electrical upgrades so they are safely and correctly installed and incorporated into your home. When these systems operate correctly, they can provide convenience to busy households. 

Outlets and Receptacles 

When you make other electrical upgrades in your home, it is essential to consider changing the receptacle. High-energy appliances use specialized receptacle models in particular. Since those appliances require a lot of energy, they need a receptacle that can accommodate them. Your electrician can recommend the best type of light switches and outlets for all appliances and electronics in your home. 

Ultimately, it is recommended to install these electrical upgrades during your remodel, not after. If you wait until the remodel is finished, you may have to reopen your walls later to have the system upgraded.

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