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5 Compelling Reasons to Install Whole-Home Surge Protection

tristar electric whole-home surge protection

Whole-home surge protection can protect your home from lightning as well as everyday wear from electrical surges.

If you are concerned about damaging your electrical system or putting your family at risk during summer storms, the best way to protect your home is to invest in whole-home surge protection. Power surges can come from many sources: during power grid switching and overvoltages on utility lines or from turning off and on large appliances in your home. Although large power surges from lightning or downed power lines are relatively uncommon, most homes experience small power surges every day. These small but frequent surges can deteriorate your electronic items. If your home doesn’t currently have whole-home surge protection, there are a few compelling reasons to invest in it. 

Protect Your Technology 

Modern homes have more electronic devices and equipment than they ever had before. Home appliances have circuit boards, which need to be protected from surges. LED bulbs also have microcircuit boards that are sensitive and can easily be compromised by a surge. Whole-home surge protection can protect your home appliances and everyday electronics from malfunctioning. 

80% of Surges Are Generated Internally

Most power surges are considered transient, are very short, and come from home appliances like the motors in air conditioners. These small surges won’t cause significant damage, but over time can degrade the performance of your electronics and appliances. Whole-home surge protection can help deter that degradation and increase the lifespan of your gadgets. 

Layering Surge Protection

You may also speak with your Maryland electrician about layering the whole-home surge protection. This can be beneficial if you have an elaborate home entertainment system or another expensive electronic setup. 

If an appliance sends a surge through a shared circuit, other outlets may be compromised. This is one reason why you don’t want your only surge protector to be at the circuit panel. A layered system can be connected directly to the electrical panel and at the point of use. 

Complete Electrical System Protection 

While your whole-home surge protector’s primary function is to prevent your home’s appliances and electronics from damage, it also protects your complete electrical system. If a transient surge comes from a home appliance, the protector will send the surge back through the break panel to protect the other electrical equipment of the home. A whole-home surge protector safeguards every outlet

Browse Protection Options

There are several whole-home surge protection systems available depending on your voltage needs. Homes with the standard 120-volt service can use an 80kA-rated surge protector, as surges over 50kA are uncommon. However, if you live in an area with several electrical storms a year, a surge protector of at least an 80kA rating would be advised. When selecting your system, consider the brands carefully and always opt for an extended warranty. A professional TriStar electrician can help you find the best systems for your home. 

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