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Common Reasons Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Common Reasons Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Tripped circuit breakers aren’t only frustrating, but they could also be a cause for serious concern in your house.

Tripped circuit breakers aren’t only frustrating, but they could also be a cause for serious concern in your house. If you find yourself constantly having to reset the circuit breaker, then it is time to look for the common cause. Our team of experts at TriStar Electric is here to go over a few of the common reasons your circuit breaker keeps tripping. Read on to learn more!

Excessive Use of the Appliance

One of the main reasons for any circuit breaker trips is from using too many electrical appliances. Modern homes are full of different devices and gadgets that demand a lot of electricity. When too many appliances are all plugged into a single circuit and used simultaneously, it can overload the system, causing the circuit breaker to trip as a safety precaution. To address these, think about redistributing your appliances across a few circuits or staggering their usage to avoid any overloading issues.

High-Draw Home Appliances

Specific appliances, like air conditioners, space heaters, or high-powered kitchen appliances, all have substantial power draw. If these devices share a circuit with any other power-hungry gadgets, the combined load might exceed the circuit’s overall capacity, resulting in tripping. To resolve this issue, dedicate specific circuits for high-draw appliances or strongly consider upgrading your electrical panel to accommodate your increased power demands.

Worn-Down or Damaged Breakers

Circuit breakers, like other electrical components, can wear out over time. If your circuit breaker is worn down or damaged, it might trip more frequently. Look over your breakers for signs of wear and tear, like burnt scents, visible damage, or irregular tripping. If you see these issues, consult with our electricians to replace the faulty breakers and ensure your electrical system is safe!

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring is a legitimate safety hazard and a common reason for most circuit breaker trips. Damaged wires, loose connections, and other incorrect installations could lead to short circuits, causing the breakers to trip more frequently. If you think there’s faulty wiring in your home, it is important to enlist the expertise of licensed electricians to conduct an inspection and make the proper repairs and replacements.

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