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The Best Energy-Efficient Lighting Options for Your Home

energy-efficient lighting options CFL bulbs

CFL bulbs are one of the two leading energy-efficient lighting options.

The average homeowner is always looking for little ways to save money on their home. Homeowners can cut back on their electricity costs by turning off lights as they leave rooms and unplugging appliances that are not in use. However, you can save even more by using energy-efficient light bulbs throughout your home. The two most energy-efficient lighting options for your Maryland home are LED and CFL bulbs. Read on to learn more about what makes these options unique and how they can impact your energy use

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting

LED light bulbs create light by using a semiconductor to generate light energy. LED bulbs will use about 1/30th of the energy used in the traditional incandescent bulb and 1/3rd of the energy in CFL bulbs. These energy-efficient lighting options can also last as long as 35 times the lifespan of an incandescent bulb. 

You can use LED bulbs to fill your rooms with bright light and minimal energy use. These bulbs also generate little heat, so they are safe to touch and pose less fire risk. LED bulbs are more expensive in upfront costs, but because of their durability, long lifespan, and energy-efficiency, the investment can be well worth it for many homeowners. 

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) for Your Home

A CFL bulb will bend a traditional fluorescent tube into a light bulb-shaped configuration. These energy-efficient lighting options are more affordable than LED bulbs and more efficient than incandescent bulbs. CFL bulbs can lower your energy use by 60 percent and last about ten times as long as incandescent bulbs. However, they have a slightly shorter lifespan and efficiency than LED bulbs.

Which Lighting Option is Best for You?

Deciding which energy-efficient lighting option is best for your home depends on your specific goals. Do you want the most efficient lighting, no matter the cost? Go with LEDs. Are you looking to stay within budget while cutting back on energy costs? A CFL bulb may be the better choice. 

Regardless of your choice between the two, both are more efficient than incandescent bulbs. If you have further questions about which bulbs may be best for your home or specific rooms, contact your Maryland electrician at TriStar Electric today. 

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