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Save $1,000 Off Backup Generator Installation in Maryland

Backup Generator Installation Maryland

This is a power pole in Baltimore. It feeds several homes and, as you can see, is very susceptible to wind, rain, and squirrels – affecting its integrity to work properly. This is one of the many reasons why backup generators are a good idea to have!

Between now and November 30, 2015, TriStar Electric is offering $1,000 Off Backup Generator Installation – just another reason to invest in a generator before winter. As we have said before, “winter will be colder and snowier than normal” here in Maryland, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac. These snowy conditions can easily send trees toppling into powerlines, leaving your home without power. That is unless you have a backup generator.

When the power fails, your generator kicks into action, providing power to your most essential items – refrigerator, sump pump, lights, air conditioning, heat, etc. Your backup generator is there when you need it most, but only if you act fast. The time to install a backup generator is before you need it, not after.

An automatic electrical backup system needs to be installed by a professional who has experience with this type of equipment.

Backup Generator Installation in Maryland

TriStar Electric can install an automatic electrical backup system – also known as a generator – that keeps your house running, even when everyone else on your block is in the dark. We have installed thousands of these systems, and we have created a detailed process that enables our electricians to hook up an automatic electrical backup system quickly and efficiently.

TriStar Electric is a certified dealer of Generac generators, the largest generator manufacturer in the United States. These generators are durable, dependable, easy to maintain, and affordable.

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Backup Generator Maintenance

In addition to installing backup generators, we also offer service and maintenance plans to keep them in exceptional shape to ensure your generator is ready for action when you need it most. Twice a year TriStar will come out and service your generator following a strict 22-point checklist.

Just like your car, your backup generator requires annual maintenance to keep it up and running. You wouldn’t drive your car for several years without changing the oil, rotating the tires, and performing routine maintenance, right? The same goes for your generator.

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If you have any questions about backup generator installation or maintenance, please call 410-799-5791 or 301-384-8880. From your initial call to your first visit to the final install, you will receive nothing but the highest quality customer service.

We are available during normal working hours, and service most parts of Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia.

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