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Attic Fan Installation Can Help You Escape the Heat and Humidity of Another Maryland Summer

Attic Fan Maryland

Your attic fan can help reduce the temperature of your attic by a whopping 50 degrees.

Your home is a complex machine and each part directly affects the next, which can either hurt or help your energy efficiency. One area often overlooked by homeowners is the attic. While the big boys (heating, air conditioning, windows, etc.) get all of the attention, sometimes it is the seemingly small project that can have one of the biggest impacts. Take your attic ventilation – or lack thereof – for example. The simple addition or replacement of your attic fan can work wonders.

How Installing or Replacing Your Attic Fan Can Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Just picture this scenario – it’s another hot and humid summer day here in Maryland and the sun is beating down on your roof, slowly heating your home from the outside. But fortunately, your home is built for just such an occasion. If you’ve ever wondered why you have an attic, now you know. Your attic is designed to shield the rest of your home from the often extreme temperatures outside. This barrier – your attic – uses several tools in the fight against decreased energy efficiency. The first is pretty obvious: insulation. All of that fluffy stuff serves a pretty important purpose. It not only keeps conditioned air inside, but also keeps unconditioned air out. The second way your attic keeps you nice and comfortable is a little less obvious: ventilation. Improved air circulation helps remove hot, stagnant air and reduce the temperature of your attic, which allows your air conditioner to more easily do its job. Voila! Increased energy efficiency and a more comfortable home. That’s what we like to call a win-win.

Do You Need a New Attic Fan?

Even in moderate climates where the temperature doesn’t get much past the 80s, the temperature in your attic can heat up to a smoldering 150 degrees or more…if your attic is not properly ventilated. And while vents can help create some passive cooling, you really need a more effective way to actively remove this heat from your home. Enter your attic fan, which can help reduce the temperature of your attic by a whopping 50 degrees.

Additional benefits of attic fans include:

  1. Improve energy efficiency
  2. Decrease cooling costs
  3. Extend the life of your roof
  4. Improve the overall comfort of your home

Attic Fan Installation and Replacement in Maryland

Every house has one: a “to do” list of jobs that never seems to get done. Whether it is because time is too precious, or you do not have the experience, these small jobs can turn into bigger problems if they are not taken care of. TriStar Electric’s team of professionals can handle all of your electrical needs, including the installation or replacement of attic fans.

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