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3 Reasons to Invest in Main Panel Surge Protection for Your Home

3 Reasons to Invest in Main Panel Surge Protection for Your Home

Main panel surge protection may sound boring and technical, but it’s also necessary.

Main panel surge protection may sound boring and technical, but it’s also necessary. Think of the surge protection as a bouncer at a night club. It will only let in some things and it will quickly do away with the things that may cause problems.

A proper whole-home surge protection device essentially does the same thing. It only allows in the amount of electricity that your home will need and will not allow any over-supply. It will also protect all of your electronics from surge situations outside the house, such as electrical storms.

More Homes Need Main Panel Surge Protection Than Ever Before

In recent years, there has been an enormous up-surge in the number of electronic devices people use.  There are even toilet seats that require an electrical power supply. Protect all of your electrical devices with main panel surge protection.

Lightning Isn’t the Biggest Surge Hazard to Your Home

When most people think of power surges and what causes them, they go straight to lightning. In reality, we actually cause 80 percent of power surges ourselves. Generators and motors such as the ones in air conditioning units and other appliances can introduce small surges into your home’s electrical lines. It is actually pretty un-likely that one big surge will come and take out everything at once, but over time those small surges will cause little bits of damage to your electrical lines and decrease their overall performance in the long run.

Main Panel Surge Protection Also Protects from Internal Threats

An appliance or system with its own dedicated circuit, such as an air conditioning unit, will send the surge back through the breaker panel. A main panel surge protection system would prevent that surge from harming other parts of your electrical system.

A backup generator, while it can be a huge life saver, is also a huge power surge risk. If your home loses power, the generator will kick on and restore power to your entire home. This sends massive amounts of electricity into your home all at once. If it ends up sending too much, a main panel surge protector will keep the excess out so it can’t damage your home’s electrical system.

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Your electronic appliances, laptops, computers, and televisions are delicate instruments that improve your overall quality of life. Make sure they are properly plugged in and installed; this will also reduce the chances of damage. Remember, surge protection for the entire house is the best way to make sure your possessions are safe and secure.

With surge protection, the next thunderstorm or power blackout will not destroy your electronics and lighting systems. Work with a proven leader in the industry – contact TriStar today at 410-799-5791 or 301-384-8880.

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