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3 Benefits of a Backup Generator in a Snowstorm

Man using snowblower in deep snow

Keep your home protected!

Earlier this week, parts of Maryland and the East Coast were hit with a mid-March snowstorm. The snow fell late into the evening, quickly turning into rain, and was accompanied by howling winds and freezing temperatures. Many homes and businesses were left without power throughout the night and into the next morning. When it comes to winter weather, losing power is more than an inconvenience. Keep you home safe, warm, and protected with a backup generator.

Backup Heating Source

If your home’s heating system breaks down in the middle of a snow storm, it’s important to make sure you have a number of reliable heating sources available. Heating technicians aren’t going to be able to make it your house in the middle of the night, and you need to keep your family warm and safe until help arrives. A backup generator can do just that. It can provide the emergency energy necessary to heat your home until the system is fixed, so you won’t have to shiver through the night.

Use Your Essential Appliances

What are the essential appliances in your home? The refrigerator keeps your expensive foods from spoiling, and you won’t be able to operate your electric oven without power. A backup generator allows you to keep your food safe and allows you to cook for your family.

Maintain Your Basement

Your sump pump will stop working if you lost power, which can lead to a flooded basement or worse. Water damage is an absolute nightmare, as well as expensive. It’s extremely difficult to isolate and repair water damage without finding other areas that is has spread to. With a backup generator, your power won’t go out during a snow or rain storm, and it will save you from the headaches of basement flooding.

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